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Easy Creative Feature Wall Ideas

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

What often comes to mind when the subject of creating a feature wall crops up is that in order to create one you would be looking at a significant repaint or decorative feature installation job. But whilst those feature walls created with a significant overhaul turn often out to be absolutely stunningly beautiful, feature walls can also be created with much less effort. This post aims to give you a handful of simple yet creative ideas that still deliver that wow factor without the sweat!

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Picture and Photo Wall

Grab your favourite pictures and interesting photos of family, friends, travel destinations, inspirational quotes, objects, and mood intent, being the ideas for things you want to do, then put them in hanging frames of various shapes and sizes and organise them on your wall as you please. Picture walls are fun and so easy to implement, you don’t necessarily need to ensure your frames are symmetrically hung, just go with the flow.

Use picture hanging adhesive strips, as there is no drilling required with these and they are extremely useful in safeguarding the integrity of the surface of your walls, they hold strongly and remove cleanly.

Feature walls can be created with less of the need to completely overhaul and redecorate!

Plate Wall

Ok, this one might might sound a little bit odd, but hanging your crockery on your wall can give your space that instant retro fit! Actually thinking about it, there are so many unconventional items that could be hung on a wall, and I’ll leave you to ponder over which of your household bits and bobs could be used to create an awesome 3D art effect.

There are so many unconventional items that could be hung on a wall for that cool 3D art effect

Living Plant Wall

I touched on this idea very briefly in my post on Low Maintenance Indoor Plants. Living walls can be pretty simple to create with wall mounted plant pots or with some simple shelving.

You can also buy faux living walls that can be easily put together and hung just like a picture on your wall.

World Time Wall

Hang clocks of all shapes and sizes on one wall for a dramatic global effect. Set the clocks time to one or multiple time zones.

Be sure to have fun picking out different clock faces! I love these grey clocks, you can click their images for details

Mural Wall

No don't worry, you don’t need to whip out your artists brush and oil paints to pull this one off, there are so many beautiful wall paper style murals out there on the market that can be put up in a couple of hours. I find murals work well in any room of course dependent on overall design,

One or more mirrors can really add that wow factor to your feature wall! .


One or more mirrors, even mixed up with other pictures and objects can really add that wow factor to your feature wall. Mirrors are also practical in that they can make a small space look so much larger. Click the mirror images below for details

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