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Design Trends - Dark And Moody Interiors

This is a nod to the interior design trend that often gets overlooked as most home owners favour light and airy design and colour schemes. Hopefully by showcasing some of the best dark and moody interiors that we've seen this year, you'll be inspired to try out one of our featured designs in your own home!

The dark and moody look is ultimately one of sophistication, elegance, and style. It is achieved with the use decor that is made from rich fabrics such as velvet, faux fur, and leather. For your furniture and walls, think dark wood and colours in the deepest darkest shades of blue, grey, green, or red, and for the truly daring, black!

To bring a subtle amount of light and reflection back into your design, accent with decor and accessories in the mettalics bronze, gold, and brass, even cast iron for your fireplace if you have one.

Be bold and creative with your use of decorative mirrors. A feature wall made of a variety of mirrors would make for an absolutely stunning focal point spectacularly setting off your dark walls.

Dark and moody doesn't mean you have to go old worldy in your choices, modern decor put together cohesively can also be used to create the look! As always, it's your space your design so be creative, be inspired!

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