Blush Pink Interior Design Trends

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Pink interior design has always been relatively popular from as far back as I can remember, but in recent years and unlike ever before pink appears to have taken centre stage and shaken off its non gender neutral labels which had been largely associated with the innocence of childhood, tenderness, ultra femininity and uber delicate romance.

How To Decorate Your Interior With Blush Pink

Pink home decor begun its journey as a mainstream upward trend around 2016, and unlike some other trends which turned out to be one year wonders not standing the test of time, I expect that pink, particularly blush pink will continue to dominate as a go to colour of choice well past 2018 into 2019! Click images for details

Shades of pink

Implicitly, pink is the result of toning down red with white and it comes in a vast array of shades and tones. The names of some of these shades and tones can be rather interesting and at times borderline chuckle worthy. We have the pinks named after countries and languages: French, Spanish, Mexican, China, and Congo pink.

We have the pinks named after Royalty: Queen and Mountbatten pink, and then we have pinks that give an indication of how much pink wants to be seen as the stern statement colour that it has all the potential to be: Steel, Silver and Shocking pink. The most popular and by far the most versatile shade of pink is Blush. Click images for details

Pink, particularly Blush pink works really well as the base or accent colour to almost any other colour

What colour goes with Pink?

Very much like grey, which works particularly well as a base for vibrant colours such as yellow, purple and turquoise blue. Blush pink in particular is just as versatile in its ability to work really well as the base or accent colour to almost any other colour. Click images for details

When it comes to partnering with the metallics gold, brass, copper and silver, blush pink rocks up exceptionally beautifully. When pink is paired with its grey cousin, the result of both these base neutrals produces a aura of elegance like no other!

When it comes to partnering with the metallics gold, brass, copper and silver, blush pink is exceptionally beautiful

How to decorate your interior with Blush Pink?

Blush pink can be used in an around your entire living space and should definitely not be restricted to the boudoir as many of you may think.

Shades of pink as a wall coat can be accented with blush decor pieces, and definitely don't shy away from using blush for your lighting, blinds or and indoor plants vases!

To gently ease yourself into a world of fabulous blush design, we advise as with grey, why not try out blush home accessories such as a cushion here, a throw there, curtains, blinds or even a rug. A blush sofa or bed frame are guaranteed to earn you the wows that indicate you are getting a real return on return on your investment! Click images for details

I have come to really respect the versatility and tenacity of blush pink and if I were asked to pick one item right here right now as an taster to blush, it would have to be a cushion for my living room, I love cushions but don't we all? A blush sheepskin cushion would nicely offset the grey home decor accessories that I now feature quite predominantly in my living room.

Blush Pink Interior Design Inspiration
Why not try some blush pink home accessories such as a cushion here, a throw there or even a rug! .

Here at The Interior Design Pantry we are huge advocates of the colour blush pink. So if you had written off any form of pink as just not for you, think again!

Click images on this page for details and be sure to take a look at these pink home accessories on Our Picks page

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Wall paint inspiration deliciously served up by Dulux. Pink colours used Blush Noisette, and Capri Rose

Why not treat your home or someone special to a bouquet of beautiful blush pink flowers! Click images for details

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