Spa Inspired Bathrooms

Today's homeowners are investing more money remodelling their bathrooms, turning them into a place for retreat and relaxation. The focus is as much on function as it is style and sophistication. .

A significant number of homeowners are spending more money than they did in years past on updating and expanding their bathrooms.

The results also indicate that the shower and bath are actually what makes a bathroom most distinctive. Gone are the days of installing an all-in-one shower and bath. Instead, in today's modern bathrooms, separate showers and tubs are making a huge splash. Click images for details

Whether a jetted whirlpool, custom antique claw-foot tub or infinity bath, the choices are limitless. You can take it one step further by installing your own steam room. The options for showers have increased as well. One simple touch of luxury is as easy as replacing your shower head.

These days, shower heads have increased in size and function. For example, you will easily fine an array of unique shower heads that provide an increase in water range and massaging functions, including a fixtures with additional extension arms. Click images for details