Your Bathroom Decor And Accessories

Every day starts in that special room with the most specific function, the bathroom. The bathroom is a garland of accessories (mirrors, extractor fans, bathroom scales, bathroom cabinets, bathroom lights) that makes your bathroom ornamental sprinkling refreshing moments every time you step into The world has undoubtedly become a sprint and life is getting faster, people’s choices are rapidly transitioning and the bathroom is becoming the focal point of decoration and intentio

Decorating With Ceramic Tiles

From its beginnings in 13th century Morocco, ceramic mural tiles have been a staple in design and décor. Ancient Egyptians, Babylonians and Chinese were renowned for their craft in ceramic tile making but the methods of creation that we use today are believed to have stemmed directly from early Moroccan artisans of ceramic mural tiles. Through the years, ceramic tiles have been hugely popular but notably more so during specific arts and crafts movements such as that of the 19

Spa Inspired Bathrooms

Today's homeowners are investing more money remodelling their bathrooms, turning them into a place for retreat and relaxation. The focus is as much on function as it is style and sophistication. . A significant number of homeowners are spending more money than they did in years past on updating and expanding their bathrooms. The results also indicate that the shower and bath are actually what makes a bathroom most distinctive. Gone are the days of installing an all-in-one sho