Give Your Home Office A New Year Makeover

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Do you get the Home Office Blues? With the New Year still fresh in the air upon us, and the hope that at some point further along in seasons we will get warmer weather and the first signs of green outside with emerge, it’s easy to still feel a little depressed now if you are stuck in your home office for a good part of the day. One of the best ways to tackle this problem is to give your home office a new year thorough clean and makeover

Get Rid Of The Clutter

Nothing makes you feel more trapped inside than a cluttered office. Take an hour or two and go through everything in your home office.

Start holistically and work your way into the details

Be bold and brutal when it comes to sorting through paperwork and bin or file everything appropriately. This is also a great time to ban anything that does not apply to your actual work from your home office, including children’s toys, magazines, personal bills and correspondence, junk mail etc. Click images for details

Time For A Thorough Clean

Now that you have gotten rid of all the extra clutter, set aside some time to give your office a thorough clean. Start holistically and work your way into the details. Dust down light fixtures, curtain rods, doors and door frames and if you have one dust your ceiling fan. Click images for details

Windows will need to be washed, and curtains tossed in the washing machine for a cycle or two. Give shelves a good dust down, and use this opportunity to take down books and rearrange them as required.