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5 Living Room Ideas

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Wondering how to decorate your room and on the look out for living room ideas? Here are 5 quick fire ideas that can radically change the look and feel of your space without the need to drain your savings!

1. Change your living room lights

If you have ceiling lights a quick win is to change the pendants. There are so many designs trending,

I have a soft spot for industrial and factory style pendant lights as they add a certain sense of modernity to any room. Clustered glass lights add a touch of sophistication and if you like the hotel lobby look these are a modern take the chandelier and will serve you well. Click images for details

2. Change your living room rug

Depending on the design and texture, a new rug can totally transform your living room into a Scandinavian minimalist haven to an exotic Marrakech Riad. Be sure to place the rug as your floor plan centre piece and don't let the size of the rug overwhelm. Click images for details

3. Add some indoor plants

Indoor plants will add such a refresh to your living room. Greenery represents life and here at the The Indoor Design Pantry we love life! I have recently added a living wall to my living room and I absolutely love it, it really sets off the entire mood of my space and brings the freshness of the outdoors indoors. Check out our blog post on indoor plants.

4. Add metallic wall decor

A brass clock, a copper trimmed mirror or any other retro wall art fashioned with a mix of metals works well with neutral wall shades of grey. See our post on Grey Homes Designs Interior. If metallic wall decor is not quite your thing, go for metallic lighting. Click images for details

5. Create a picture wall

There are so many picture wall ideas that you can leverage. You don't have to put up pictures of you and family, you can mix and match and even go as far as treating your frames like a vision board!

6. Create a unique feature wall

One way to do this is to use a wall mural on one wall. This one doesn't need to many words, the picture says it all!

Check out Our Picks page and enjoy your new design!


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