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Sleeping Ideas For Small Spaces

When you live in a small space such as a studio apartment or suite, every bit of living space counts. We're seeing new, creative storage solutions in the marketplace and here are a few of the most elegant solutions we’ve seen in some time

What is a wall bed? It's a full length bed that folds and stores itself into what looks like an elegant chest of drawers, wardrobe or wall panel of sorts. It's a hideaway bed for the decor conscious! When the bed is stored away you see a chest of drawers, a wardrobe or just panels but it's actually faux containing your hideaway bed. Click images for details

These innovative hideaway beds pull out neatly to rest on a raised wooden or metal platform. The sleep experience is comfortable with the mattress is normally no different from that of a conventional bed, fairly thick and cosy. The sturdy platform or legs also form a great feature to keep you or your guests off the floor. This gives you a more comfortable sleep time, just what you expect of any bed. Some wall bed mattresses can be purchased separately giving you flexibility to buy exactly the best mattress for your sleep.

Designs for the faux chest, wardrobe or panels include both contemporary and traditional pieces with handsome hardware in both light and dark wood in addition to varying metals. There are definitely options out there that will be a good match for your current décor. If you'd like something that also provides some storage space, look for designs that include a usable storage drawer. When not in use, some have a top shelf can also be used to display collectables or books, whatever you like. Click images for details

I find the wall bed is a terrific solution for those who have small homes and wish to maximise the living space to its full potential. If you normally only use your bed at night, why should it take up so much space during the day in your home? Wall beds are also for those who wish to offer their guests a cosy bed to sleep on, but don't have the space for a permanent guest bed. It keeps guests off the floor and on a comfy mattress. If you have space concerns yet need something for guests to sleep on, consider a wall bed. It is a worthwhile investment particularly if and when you need to make the most of your precious space!

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