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Monochromatic Colour Scheme

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Using a single base hue and its extended shades, tones and tints to design your living space can produce results that are unexpectedly pure genius! Most folks are not immediately drawn to putting all their design eggs of inspiration into one basket of colour, as the immediate fear is there is a real risk of creating a space that lacks depth and character, inevitably a space that may well turn out to look a little boring. Click images for details

Colour wheel

Looking at the colour wheel to get a quick visual on what we mean by the tints and tones of a colour. Tints, are base colours or shades with varying amounts of white, and tones are the base plus black or grey.

From the wheel, it is not immediately apparent how the tints and tones of a colour could work as the differences and intensity are ever so subtle, but in this subtlety is the magic so be rest assured that when executed it actually works! Click images for details

Monochromatic versus analogous colour schemes

Unlike an analogous colour scheme which gives a sense of harmony because it uses colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel, monochromatic colour schemes bring a sense of understated drama, and an opportunity to turn an entire living space into a single statement. Click images for details

Like the analogous colour scheme you will be looking to create contrast but instead of using a different colour, for monochromatic you'll be using a tone or tint of the same colour.

Decorate with texture

The strength of your monochromatic space can be further intensified by adding texture. You can add texture to interior walls, so here's to bringing back 3D and photo wallpaper! You can also add texture by way of incorporating select decor pieces. Check out Our Picks page for some inspiration. Click images for details

Click images for details of this Timber effect wallpaper

The all white living space

All white home decor is one of the the most popularly seen monochromatic styles and probably deserves a blog post of its own. It is relatively easy to execute and decor pieces can be found anywhere and everywhere. Click images for details

Here at the Interior Design Pantry we love the versatility of the lovechild of black and white, grey. Check out our blog post on grey home designs interior for some grey monochromatic inspiration.

See Our Picks page and enjoy your new design! Follow us on social media and pin us on Pintrest!


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