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Modern Hallway Ideas - Sideboards

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

The hallway or foyer is more often than not that one space in our homes that is more likely to receive little to no attention when it comes to interior design. Unfortunately, we have the tendency to overlook our hallways, and even though this space receives more traffic than any other space in your home, it can be relegated to thoughts somewhere along the lines of why spend time, money and effort on its interior design, when after all we can quickly scurry our guests past it into other rooms we have designated as pièce de résistance. Click images for details

Cast your mind to back in the day when hallways were almost always decorated the same from home to home. Either they were left painfully barren, lucky if you would find a coat rack mounted on the wall, and shoes left on a matt under the coat rack.

Our hallways were then sparsely decorated with family pictures hanging neatly lined up in a row, obligatory that if you had a staircase in the home any leftover pictures would cascade down the wall beside the staircase. Click images for details

Thankfully in modern times, those family pictures that once hung in the hallway have been moved to the living room or another family oriented space, and in the hallway we now commonly find a mirror has been placed to catch that one last glance before the occupants head out into the big wide world, a muddy shoe rack, or a singular shelf where house and car keys are tossed. All in all, our hallways remain a tad unexciting


Your hallway can be the pièce de résistance space in your home!

Your hallway is actually one of the easiest places in your home where you can make a statement about your creativity, personal style and hospitality! There are many additions that you can add to your hallway to bring it back to life and in this post we will cover sideboards. Yes sideboards are not only used in living and dining rooms they do work in the hallway! Click images for details

Sideboards are not only stylish, they can be a very practical addition for extra household storage.

Sideboards are not only stylish, they can be a very practical addition for extra household storage. When sideboards are used correctly and creatively in the hallway, they can provide that much sought after finishing touch and exclamation mark that sets the entire tone for the rest of your home décor showing guests that you have carefully thought out the entirety of your interior design from the get go, as the hallway is the very start of your home, the front door. Click images for details

Sideboards function perfectly in any space depending on the size, placement and style.

As mentioned earlier, sideboards are used more often in living and dining areas, but that does not have to be the case, they can function perfectly in any space depending on the size, placement and style. Click images for details

There are a wide variety of sideboards available out there on the market, various collections to decorate with modern style, one to suite every size, purpose, design theme, taste and wallet size. Click images for details

Choose a simple natural wood sideboard with slender elegant legs, or a catchy metallic number locking in that retro creativity, or why not a pop of colour with a sideboard painted in the most vibrant of colours. A side board with ample drawers to make that space work extra hard for your storage needs. Your choices are endless! Click images for details

Did you know that the mind can be tricked into thinking your hallway is much larger when than it is really when you use a sideboard? Yes, the optical illusion of sideboards is that they can actually make your hallway appear larger. The caveat being that you choose the right dimensions and style, get either of these wrong and you could end up with a hallway that is cramped or physically obstructed in space. Click images for details

A few simple checks to undertake before choosing your sideboard: are you able to walk past or around it with ease? Does it obstruct any doorways? If you have children, is it child friendly? Is it the right height for the hallway? Will the harmony and cohesion of your interior design be thrown off by the addition of your new sideboard? Click images for details

Before you order your sideboard in store or online, be sure to take accurate measurements of the space to ensure the sideboard will comfortably fit. You can get a sense of how your sideboard will fit into the designated space by placing books, or boxes in the space where your sideboard will reside. Click images for details

Enjoy shopping for your new sideboard, enjoy loving your hallway, be creative be inspired! Check out Our Picks page and enjoy your interior design!


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