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Mirror Mirror On The Wall - Top Tips For Decorating With Mirrors

Using mirrors in your home will not only enhance the overall look and feel, when used in small limited spaces they can simulate depth by leveraging light upon reflection providing a bright and spacious feel. Here are top tips for using them.

Tip One

Use large-sized mirrors on both sides of the focal point of your room, a focal point such as fireplace. This will make your room appear larger by reflecting objects around it . Click images for details

Tip Two

Put up a large mirror adjacent to your pièce de résistance work of art. The mirror would reflect on the large art work, and the wall’s additional darker colour would immediately give the room its much-needed depth. This would make the room appear much wider. Click images for details

Tip Three

Use mirrors to cover wall imperfections. This is a tried and tested, quick and easy way to save on refinishing costs. Instead of spending a fortune on repainting and refinishing that part of the wall, why not put a nice mirror there to hide the wall’s scar! Click images for details

Tip Four

Use movable mirrors and from time to time, switch up their positioning to give a different view of the room. In that way, you could have a new look in your home depending on the location and items the mirrors are reflecting . Click images for details

Tip Five

You might want to consider other creative approaches such as putting large-scale mirrors on a floor leaning against the wall. Click images for details

Tip Six

Use small mirrors to focus, reflect and enhance specific objects such as ornaments, scented candles and little plants or shrubs

Tip Seven

Use mirrored screens to illuminate dark corners of a room. You do not have to put bulbs or lights in every part of your house, thanks to mirrors, save energy save our planet!

Tip Eight

Another beautiful way to add shimmer to an otherwise plain and ordinary table setting is to use mirrored table toppers or place mats. When used to set a festive table, they can give your spread the appearance of fullness which is a pretty neat trick if you haven’t actually cooked that much!

Tip Nine

Other places to use mirrors: Ceilings could also be enhanced with mirrors. Mirrors on the ceiling create a “skylight” effect. Mirrors are an alternative for a kitchen backsplash. Even pantry or cabinet ceilings could also be placed with mirrors to help you better see the contents of the upper shelves. You could ask a professional glass worker to make you some furniture using mirrors as embellishments. Click images for details

Tip Ten

Mirrors bring personality into one’s room. Decorative mirrors don’t just help enhance your room for its decoration purposes. But these distinctive mirrors could also show your personality, putting your personal lifestyle and taste into your room. Decorative mirrors can also be combined with pictures and works of art, contrasting colours.

Bonus Tip

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