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How To Hang Your Art Gallery Style

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Hanging your artwork in modern gallery style groupings can create an exciting look for any room. The simplest grouping is a pair: two pieces of art, framed identically. They can be placed side by side or one over the other, in an even or uneven manner

Another simple grouping design is to have three or more pieces of art of varying sizes, and for the most stunning result, ensure you frame each work of art such that it is in harmony and cohesion with the art which it frames and the key colours and themes of your room décor. Grouping art in this way works best if one work of art is slightly larger than the accompanying pieces. Click images for details

Rearrange the smaller works of art around one or two larger pieces. You have succeeded with this grouping design when your eyes are effortlessly drawn to the centre of the arrangement. Again, watch for a rhythmic flow of colours, shapes and any other visual media. Click images for details

Tip One

Before you actually try out the art work grouping arrangements in your home or office, imagine how it will look hung over furniture. Take light switches, outlets and heat ducts into consideration. Click images for details

Better still, cut newspaper or craft paper into the size of the art work you wish to display. Work out the “floor” design using these templates. Spread your artwork over the floor in front of the wall area where it will hang. When the “floor arrangement” looks perfect, move each item to the wall in the same relative position.

Hang the “paper” items on the wall using small pieces of removable tape. Make needed adjustments. Use a straight pin or pencil to mark the spots where hooks should be nailed. Then hang and enjoy. Click images for details

Tip Two

Use picture hanging adhesive strips to hang your artwork. Not only is there no drilling required with these, they are extremely useful in safeguarding the integrity of the surface of your walls. They hold strong and remove clean! Click images for details

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