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Faux Finish Techniques

While Grandma’s quilts showed off a sample of her pretty bits of fabric and her skill with many different fancy needle stitches – imagine what she could have done with a pot of glaze and a sponge. That’s right. As artistic and skilled as Grandma was she probably would be right at home with faux finish paints too?

There are so many options available to today’s homeowner when it comes to choosing alternatives to traditional flat paint. There’s absolutely no reason to hang onto that boring tried-and-true white (or magnolia, magnolia, magnolia) painted in every room throughout your home. Click images for details

Explore the alternatives. Take a look at our inspiration pages for rooms that appeal to you. As your own interior designer you can change the look and feel of your space with colour and textures, and faux finishes

Every space and almost any surface can benefit from the versatility of a faux finish. The style of the finish is entirely down to your personal taste and suitability for the space with in which it will be used. There are many different styles to choose from when it comes to a faux finishes ranging from ultra-simple to entirely over the top .

For your walls, here’s something to think about, a faux wall finish can provide a striking and seamless alternative to wallpaper. Seamless. No peeling or splitting. Click images for details

Some of the more popular looks for walls include:

• Colour washes – ragged, bushed, sponged single glazes over solid paint, the work-horse of faux finishes

• Multiple glazes – layered over solid paint, provides great depth

• Faux and suede leather looks – terrific in a study

• Stencil over-all patterns – antique damask or simple borders

• Venetian plasters – lustrous beautiful plasters

• Faux stone and brick effects – limestone, fieldstone, slate, exposed brick

• Faux wood effects – faux bois, antiqued, distressed, burled, bamboo

• Faux metal – dazzling metallic glazes and antique iron

• Tissue paper – textured paper, paint and glaze

• Stripes – always look utterly exquisite

On door frames, columns and fireplaces for example, here are a few faux finishes that work particularly well:

• Marble – the choices are wide open

• Granite – mimic your countertops

• Fantasy stones, such as lapis and malachite

• Gilding – any metal leafing, gold, silver, copper

• Strie – fine dragging of coloured glaze over a solid paint

Distressed or antique style faux finishes are great choices for cabinetry and furniture.

It’s easy to expand your options. Change your mind about what’s acceptable for your sweet home space. Play a little with something fresh and new.

Always go with a professional wall finish provider who has a track record and samples and customers who love to tell you about the artist’s work that was created just for them.

Grandma would approve, no doubt.

You can find more fun and exciting design and decorating tips on our blog which features and be sure to check out Our Picks page and enjoy your new design!

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