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Creating An Office That Is Effective For A Home Business

Distractions are probably the number one problem that business owners who work from home have to grapple with. From children running in and out of the work space, home telephones constantly ringing, to pets and visitors needing immediate attention, distractions negatively impact productivity and ultimately profit. An effective home office should allow you to focus on your work with little to no distractions. It should also be designed such that it inspires you to actually want to get some work done!


The primary goal to a home office is to separate the space from other parts of the home. If you do not have an extra room to devote to your home office, you can create a separate space with screens bookshelves or even curtains. Visually blocking off the space asserts the difference between the living area and working area to both yourself and others


It is also key to have a separate phone line. It’s virtually impossible to get any work done if the phone is ringing every ten minutes because the kids’ dentist is calling, or your aunt wants to chat for half an hour. Make sure that you distribute your business phone number to clients, employees and employers only.


Make sure that there is adequate lighting for reading and doing paperwork. Also make sure that you have your career goals posted in sight, a vision board – these will remind you to get back to work when your mind starts straying. Remember, you will only benefit from the amount of work that you actually get done!


Also, post your daily schedule somewhere that you will see it. This schedule should map out the way that you will divide your time between family, leisure and work. By doing this, you will avoid taking extremely long lunch breaks, or running out the door to pick up that item you forgot to get at the grocery store when it pops into your mind.


Finally, make your space a place you want to be! By making your office inviting, you will probably enjoy your work more and find yourself gravitating toward it instead of being repelled by it. Just make sure that it’s not overly inviting – afternoon snoozes are a big no no!

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