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5 Tips For Redesigning Your Bedroom On A Budget

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Does your bedroom feel like an archaeological site just waiting to be dug up? Has its décor stayed pretty much stayed the same for past 10 years? And do you desperately want to turn it into the sleeping den of your dreams without the need for an SOS to your bank manager? Well then, fret not, hope is at hand, we have some great ideas for you to try out and get that bedroom that your bedtime deserves!

Tip One

A fresh lick of paint will spruce up your room and give it that instant cleaned up look and feel even when nothing else in the room has fundamentally changed. We don’t often notice just how dull the paint on our walls becomes over time, and dull walls have a tendency to creep up on you.

So repainting every few years or as required will keep your home looking bright and fresh. When it comes to your choice of colours for the bedroom, if you want to avoid having to count sheep all night, you might want to steer clear of bright colours which are distracting. Pastels and light hues of cream, blue, and green are your friend and have been proven to get you snoozing away in no time at all. Click images for details

Tip Two

De-clutter and organise your bedroom. You know what they say, out with the old and in with the new. And the rule of thumb here is if you haven’t used it for a year, then do you really need it cluttering up your space? When you are done decluttering it’s time to organise and no joke, organising can be fun!

There are so many creative options for stashing away the spoils and necessities of your life. Organise by purpose, for example I have all my throws now neatly stashed away in beautiful baskets, and not only are these baskets functional, they are an integral part of my bedroom décor. Check out our blog post on Harmony and Cohesion in Interior Design

Tip Three

Rearrange your bedroom furniture and you may well be surprised that there are better layout options to the one that worked for you 10 years ago! If you have the space, add new furniture such as an occasional chair that will accent the room’s décor. But if space is at a premium, make this is your opportunity to get rid of furniture that is no longer functional and doesn’t add to the overall aesthetics of the room. Click images for details

Tip Four

Ever wanted to try your hand at becoming an art curator? Then use your bedroom as practice! Wall art can transport the ordinary into extraordinary. But this is one that is purely down to personal choice. And just like ideal bedroom wall colours, you don’t want something overly engaging, so probably best to hang that neon pop art you were thinking of in another room. Check out our blog post on Easy Creative Feature Wall Ideas

Tip Five

Treat yourself to new bedding, pillows, cushions and throws. Your sleep will appreciate quality natural fibres and remember it is almost texture! Click images for details

Bonus Tip

Updating your bedroom doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to buy everything or anything new, swap out items from other rooms in your home, it’s your space your rules, be creative be inspired!

Check out Our Picks page and enjoy your new design!

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