The Beauty Of Designing With Rugs

Flooring is fundamental to the outcome of your interior design. In this post we touch on the use of rugs as a way of bringing about a sense of cohesiveness to your space and enhancing the look and feel of your design. Click images for details These days the majority of homes come fitted with hard floors such as wood, laminate or tiles in all rooms. Whilst hard flooring has an abundance of benefits and is exceptionally easy to maintain in comparison to wall to wall carpeting w

Interior Lighting Ideas For Homes

Nothing impresses us quite the way lighting does! And if you’re entertaining, apart from your bucket loads of charm, good wine and great cooking, nothing has the potential to make your guests feel more welcome than the good lighting in your home. Designing with light has never been an easier task, and it's always enjoyable! Click images for details. When it comes to home lighting, the potentials are limited only by your imagination. A good lighting plan could help in making y